We have a son, Carter who is 8 years old.  He was diagnosed with severe Autism at the age of three.  We spent the first few years trying to adapt and trying to cope with the new and challenging experiences, like many families.  We had simple problems but we also had one major challenge.  Carter seemed to be Houdini of getting out of his clothes.  We tried many things like hammering snaps into his clothes, we tried sewing pants and shirts together and he would just escape through the neckhole.  We tried footed pj’s, but the zipper posed no challenge to him.  We also tried cutting the feet off of the footed pj’s and reversing the pj’s.  Carter would unsnap the back snap and put enough pressure on the collar to force the zipper to come down.  So that is how we came up with Cj’s (Carter Johnston) kind of like pj’s, but CJ’S.  A lightweight moisture wicking breathable material that fits to the body that helps keep dry and cool.  Which also includes a non stretch collar and arm holes for added reinforcement.  Our patented reverse zipper that comes together at the top like a jacket would and zips down the back of the suit provides the ultimate reinforcement for our Cj’s.